公测β1——旅程之始(2013年2月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 1

+ Added the Middle-earth dimension
+ Added Gold Rings for accessing Middle-earth
+ Added a new alignment system
+ Added five major biomes: the Shire, Misty Mountains, Rohan, Gondor, and Mordor
+ Added new ores: Copper, Tin, Silver, Mithril, Naurite, and Morgul Iron
+ Added bronze tools and armour
+ Added mithril tools
+ Added hobbits
+ Added hobbit holes
+ Added hobbit taverns
+ Added hobbit pipes, pipeweed, and pipeweed farming
+ Added hobbit ovens
+ Added ale barrels
+ Added lettuces
+ Added Shire Pine trees and wood
+ Added rideable horses
+ Added orcs
+ Added orc weapons and armour
+ Added orc bombs
+ Added the Morgul Crafting Table
+ Added Mordor Rock, bricks, slabs and stairs
+ Added Beacons of Gondor
+ Added Gondor Rock, bricks, slabs and stairs
+ Added structure spawner items
+ Added many more new blocks and items, including chandeliers, hay bales, mugs of ale, and the sword Sting

公测β2——交易更新(2013年3月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 2

+ Added Sauron
+ Added the Mace of Sauron
+ Added the Staff of Gandalf the White
+ Added Andúril
+ Added silver coins
+ Added a trading system
+ Added spears
+ Added Mithril armour
+ Added Gondorian weapons and armour
+ Added Gondor Soldiers
+ Added elves
+ Added elf warriors
+ Added the Lothlórien biome
+ Added elf houses
+ Added Mallorn trees and wood
+ Added Mallorn tools and weapons
+ Added Elven tools and weapons
+ Added the Elven Crafting Table
+ Added Elanor and Niphredil flowers and dyes
+ Added Wargs
+ Added orc torches
+ Added Orc Steel blocks
+ Added mob spawner blocks for all the mod's entities
+ Added connected textures for mithril blocks
+ Added trees to the Gondor biome
+ Added boulders to the Rohan biome
+ Added more hobbit names
+ Added plates for food
+ Added hobbit picnic benches
+ Added separate spawn eggs for hobbit bartenders and drunkards
+ Added rotation support for hobbit tavern spawners
+ Added a configuration option to show the alignment bar in all dimensions

* Orc hostility towards the player is now affected by alignment
* Orcs will no longer burn in sunlight
* Orc bombs must now be lit with orc torches
* Use of the Morgul Crafting Table now depends on alignment
* Combining copper and tin now gives two bronze ingots instead of one
* Removed redstone from Middle-earth
* Lembas now fully restores the hunger bar
* Increased the duration of ale drunkenness
* Changed the crafting recipe of clay mugs to one clay ball and two tin ingots

公测β3——建筑更新,第一部分(2013年3月16日) 编辑


Public Beta 3.1

+ Updated for Minecraft 1.5.1

* Fixed a bug where the alignment score would sometimes not be displayed

Public Beta 3

+ Updated for Minecraft 1.5

+ Added Mordor Towers
+ Added orc bombadiers
+ Added orc traders
+ Added orc archers
+ Added orc bows
+ Added orc steel bars
+ Added Warg Fur
+ Added Warg Fur armour
+ Added Wargskin Rugs
+ Added Gondor Fortresses
+ Added mossy and cracked variants of Gondor Brick materials
+ Added mead and mead barrels
+ Added a throwable feature to plates
+ Added a structure spawning sound effect

* Traders will now open the trade screen when offered any sellable item, instead of just when offered silver coins
* Fixed a saving bug that could affect portals, alignment and spawnpoints
* Reduced the intensity of mist
* Removed the collision box on orc torches
* Fixed elf warriors sometimes not being able to shoot their target
* Fixed not getting the alignment bonus from killing NPCs which were hit but died from fall damage, fire, etc.
* Fixed player-spawned structures not notifying surrounding blocks of updates
* There is now a one-second delay between spawning structures

公测β4——交易更新,第二部分(2013年4月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 4.1

* Fixed horses and wargs often not taking damage
* Fixed Elven Portals sometimes spawning on unsuitable blocks
* Fixed possible crashes when killing NPCs using swords with very high looting levels
* Fixed hobbits still being called Bilbo Baggins
* Fixed orc torches dropping when broken in creative mode
* Removed strict placing conditions on beacons and barrels

Public Beta 4

+ Added Mead Halls
+ Added Rohan Watchtowers
+ Added Rohan Brick blocks
+ Added Gondor Smithies
+ Added Blacksmiths of Gondor
+ Added Gondor Ruins
+ Added Quendite as a new ore for the Lothlórien biome
+ Added Quendite crystals and blocks
+ Added Elven Portals
+ Added Mallorn torches
+ Added mithril chandeliers
+ Added stalactites and stalagmites
+ Added cobwebs in caves
+ Added double and triple strength orc bombs
+ Added dyeable and magic hobbit pipes
+ Added Mordor and Gondor Rock pressure plates and buttons

* Increased the lifespan of smoke rings
* Fixed a crash bug with ale and mead barrels
* Fixed a crash bug while trading
* Fixed a crash bug when using 'pick block' on apple crumble
* Bombs dropped by Orc Bombadiers now obey the mobGriefing gamerule
* Fixed crashes when spawning structures over the void or above the height limit
* Fixed a fancy-fast leaves bug with Optifine
* Fixed a loading bug where save data could carry over to new worlds

公测β5——矮人更新(2013年5月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 5.1

+ Updated for Minecraft 1.5.2

* Mist and portal overlays are now properly renderered behind HUD elements instead of over them
* Fixed the nameless hobbits bug
* Dwarves now only spawn below layer 60

Public Beta 5

+ Added dwarves, dwarf warriors and dwarf miners
+ Added the Iron Hills biome
+ Added Dwarven Mines
+ Added the Dwarven Crafting Table
+ Added the Dwarven Forge
+ Added Dwarf Steel ingots
+ Added Dwarven tools, weapons and armour
+ Added Dwarven Brick and Dwarven Pillar blocks
+ Added glowstone ore
+ Added hobbit children, rings, and marriage
+ Added wandering hobbits in the Shire
+ Added birch trees to Shire Woodlands
+ Added apple trees, pear trees and cherry trees to the Shire, along with their new fruits and wood blocks
+ Added bluebells
+ Added a hearth block to replace the netherrack in some structures
+ Added orc tools
+ Added orc speech
+ Added Galvorn ingots and armour
+ Added elven traders
+ Added elven beds
+ Added clearings in Lothlórien biomes
+ Added names, genders and more skins for elves
+ Added arrows as common drops from elves and orc archers
+ Added spear-carrying elf warriors
+ Added Elven daggers
+ Added Warg bones
+ Added the ability to place flowers and plants from the mod in flower pots
+ Added dispenser support for spawn eggs, spears, orc bombs and plates

* Changed the recipe for silver coins to require four nuggets per coin instead of only one
* Elves now spawn and despawn continuously, instead of being spawned only at world generation
* Improved large Mallorn trees
* Improved elf houses
* NPCs now drop their equipment more rarely and only when killed by players
* Mithril can now only be smelted at a Dwarven Forge
* Hobbits now regain some health when eating, drinking and smoking
* Fixed higher-strength orc bombs becoming normal strength when exploded by other bombs
* Fixed various combat-related bugs
* Fixed a bug where the mod would wrongly report a new update
* Changed the chandelier recipe to give two chandeliers instead of one
* Mugs may now be filled from cauldrons as well as water blocks
* Made orcs smaller

公测β6——单位雇佣更新(2013年6月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 6.2

+ Added health bars for hired units

* Traders and hired units now slowly regenerate health when not in combat
* Players can no longer hurt the hired units of other players on the same alignment side
* Increased the following speed of hired units
* Fixed plates not updating their contents on multiplayer
* Fixed a sleeping bug
* Fixed a trading exploit
* Fixed a unit trading exploit

Public Beta 6.1

* Fixed mobs not dropping experience
* Fixed hired elves being disobedient

Public Beta 6

+ Added a new Unit Hiring system
+ Added the Horn of Command
+ Added Uruk-hai
+ Added Uruk camps in Rohan
+ Added the Uruk Crafting Table
+ Added Uruk Steel ingots
+ Added Uruk tools and weapons
+ Added crossbows
+ Added the Trollshaws biome
+ Added trolls
+ Added troll statues
+ Added the Dead Marshes biome
+ Added marsh wraiths
+ Added Olog-hai
+ Added orc camps in Mordor
+ Added Orc Mercenary Captains
+ Added Morgul-shrooms as a Mordor food source
+ Added Gondorian Captains
+ Added Gondor Archers
+ Added soldier respawning in Gondor Fortresses
+ Added Elf Lords
+ Added Dwarven Towers in the Iron Hills
+ Added Dwarf Commanders
+ Added throwing axes
+ Added Dwarf Axe-throwers
+ Added sound effects for dwarves by Yorick Hamletson
+ Added trades for dwarf miners
+ Added Warg Bombardiers
+ Added Warg armour
+ Added the ability to heal your Wargs by feeding them meat
+ Added more weapons to existing tool sets
+ Added cherry pie
+ Added clover
+ Added the ability to grow plants and flowers of Middle-earth on grass using bonemeal
+ Added a creative mode mob spawner GUI for editing spawners' properties
+ Added bones for elves, dwarves, hobbits and orcs
+ Added the ability to light Beacons of Gondor with flaming arrows

* All elven blades now glow blue when orcs are nearby
* Morgul Crafting Tables have a new recipe, and can no longer be crafted on standard crafting tables - since they now spawn naturally in Orc Camps
* Orcs previously had a chance to attack even evil players if their alignment was not low enough - this now only happens in Mordor
* Wargs must now be saddled in order to be ridden, and when saddled will not despawn or search for attack targets
* Wargs' tails now show their health like wolves'
* All trading NPCs now carry silver coins
* Made traders stay still while being traded with
* NPCs with home areas will now become 'homeless' if moved more than eight blocks from their home, to enable them to move freely
* Tweaked some alignment bonuses
* Spawn eggs now spawn persistent NPCs
* Gondor Ruins Wraiths will now attack both good and evil NPCs as well as players
* Fixed elven portals transporting entities to the Nether
* Fixed hobbits acting friendly to the player when being attacked
* Fixed some potential spawning bugs with Elven Traders
* Fixed Dwarven Brick slab and wall recipes
* Fixed spears sometimes floating out of blocks
* Beacons of Gondor must once again be placed on solid blocks
* Plates now spin when thrown

公测β7——黑森林更新(2013年7月9日) 编辑


Public Beta 7.1

+ Added some new achievements

* Fixed naturally spawned dwarf miners not despawning
* Troll statues and wargskin rugs now have solid bounding boxes

Public Beta 7

+ Updated for Minecraft 1.6.2

+ Added a new Middle-earth achievement system
+ Added higher terrain generation
+ Added NEI recipe mode support for the mod's new crafting tables, assisted by forum user ProPercivalalb
+ Added the Mirkwood and Mirkwood Corrupted biomes
+ Added Mirk-oak trees and wood
+ Added wood-elves and wood-elf warriors
+ Added wood-elf houses
+ Added the Wood-elven Crafting Table
+ Added wood-elven armour, torches, beds, bows and wine
+ Added Mirkwood Spiders
+ Added the Gondorian Crafting Table
+ Added recipes for Gondorian equipment
+ Added a crafting recipe for the Gondor Ruins decorative brick
+ Added Dwarven Pillar half slabs
+ Added floating marsh lights in the Dead Marshes biome
+ Added sound effects for elves and orcs by Yorick Hamletson
+ Added naturally spawning elf warriors in Lothlórien
+ Added elven chandeliers
+ Added a feature to the trading GUI to show which items can be sold to the trader
+ Added the possibility for traders to stock enchanted items
+ Added bow enchantments for crossbows
+ Added anvil repair support for Middle-earth bows using string
+ Added deeper snow in the Misty Mountains biome
+ Added support for using ingots instead of ores in Dwarven Forge alloy recipes
+ Added ore dictionary support for copper, tin and silver ores
+ Added the ability to attach storage chests to Shire Ponies
+ Added recipes for horse armour
+ Added horses in Gondor and Trollshaws biomes in addition to Rohan
+ Added a chat notification for when a hired unit deserts due to insufficent alignment

* Mod horses are now the same as vanilla horses
* Gondor-related recipes must now be crafted on the Gondorian Crafting Table
* Increased cloud height to 192
* Mist in the Misty Mountains now gets thicker the higher you go
* Made mithril armour suitably stronger
* Increased the strength of throwing axes
* Made thrown spear damage depend on momentum
* Elven, Dwarven and Uruk weapons now deal slightly more damage than iron weapons
* Made hired units more expensive
* Balanced some alignment bonuses
* Some skins of Lórien elves have been changed
* Changed the textures of miruvor and orc draught to mugs
* Increased the rarity of elven traders
* Fixed Shire Heather not being placeable in flower pots
* Fixed not getting any experience when smelting bronze in the Dwarven Forge
* Fixed a bug where game data would persist from previously loaded worlds to newly created ones

- Removed the mod's hay bales and sugar lumps

公测β8——洛汗更新(2013年9月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 8.3

* Fixed a crash bug
* As a result of this fix, NPCs no longer mount the horses of their fallen comrades
* Fixed blue and green Mirkwood Spiders not applying their effects to players

Public Beta 8.2

+ Added Rohan Rock buttons

* Fixed the NEI support causing a crash when used on a server

Public Beta 8.1

* Fixed a crash bug related to orcs in Mordor

Public Beta 8

+ Added a new barrel brewing system
+ Added different strength levels for drinks
+ Added cider, perry, cherry liqueur and rum
+ Added Athelas and Athelas Brew
+ Added armour stands
+ Added pouches for portable storage
+ Added a cape selection system, and new capes which are obtainable in-game
+ Added more achievements
+ Added achievement progress counts for current-category and total achievements to the Middle-earth achievement screen
+ Added an entity attributes page and a vertical spawn range slider to the mob spawner customisation screen
+ Added the Rohirrim
+ Added Rohan Fortresses
+ Added the Rohirric Crafting Table
+ Added Rohirric weapons and armour
+ Added Rohan Rock blocks, slabs and walls
+ Added boulders in the Rohan, Trollshaws and Mordor biomes
+ Added Rohan Barrows
+ Added Simbelmynë flowers
+ Added a new Rohan Uruk Highlands biome - Uruk Camps will now only spawn here and not in the normal Rohan biome
+ Added Ruined Rohan Watchtowers
+ Added charred trees and wood
+ Added Gulduril ore in the Mordor biome
+ Added Gulduril crystals, blocks and bricks
+ Added Morgul Portals
+ Added Naurite blocks
+ Added orc hurt sound effects by Yorick Hamletson
+ Added names for Gondorians and orcs
+ Added soldier respawning in Beacon Towers
+ Added Winged Gondorian Helmets
+ Added Gondorian and Elven Cavalry
+ Added Mallorn nuts
+ Added wood-elven, orc, dwarven and Uruk chandeliers
+ Added dwarf houses
+ Added dwarf women
+ Added dwarven doors and beds
+ Added ore dictionary support for copper and tin ores in the Dwarven Forge
+ Added coal, iron, copper and tin ores at higher levels in the Misty Mountains biome
+ Added Hobbit Shirriffs
+ Added slings and pebbles
+ Added a new AI module to make hobbits flee from suitably evil players
+ Added a 10% spawn chance for a hobbit spawn egg or mob spawner to spawn a hobbit child
+ Added a drunken animation for hobbit drunkards
+ Added Mystery Webs as a new drop from Mirkwood Spiders
+ Added remains blocks in the Dead Marshes biome
+ Added ancient item parts which can be crafted into random equipment, possibly enchanted
+ Added dead marsh plants
+ Added slimeballs as a drop from trolls
+ Added the ability for evil players to make trolls sneeze using feathers
+ Added a mount health bar displayed when a hired unit is riding a mob
+ Added new speech banks for hired units
+ Added a /gamerule to disable PVP between players on the same alignment side
+ Added a new alignment bar design
+ Added a new ring portal design
+ Added support for the OptiLeaves mod

* Changed spawning mechanics:
1) The spawn lists for good and evil mobs are treated as a single spawn list when spawning is carried out
2) The chance of picking a mob from the good spawn list vs the evil spawn list can be determined by the biome
3) Certain mobs (e.g. elves, trolls, and Gondor Soldiers) will cause the spawning caps to be reached faster
4) This means the amount of mobs spawned, and the ratio of good to evil mobs, can be different for each biome

* Fixed the NEI recipe mode support for the mod's new crafting tables
* Fixed NEI listing items from the mod which should not be listed, such as blocks which have associated items, and useless subtypes of some blocks
* Fixed spawning and despawning bugs when using the mod on an MCPC+ server
* Reduced lag in the Lothlórien biome by removing the glow from Mallorn wood - instead, the trees have a chance to generate with torches attached
* Wargs have been changed to be more like horses - they are now controlled via the movement keys instead of the camera angle, and will occasionally heal passively
* Gondor Soldiers now spawn throughout the Gondor biome
* Increased the range of the Beacons of Gondor to 80 blocks
* Wandering hobbits in the Shire now respawn and despawn like most other NPCs
* NPCs will now seek revenge if a nearby allied NPC is killed by a player on the same alignment side
* Mirkwood Spiders now have different health and speed stats depending on their size
* Orcs and Uruk-hai can now interact with wooden doors
* Orc bombs dropped in skirmishes between NPCs will no longer cause terrain damage
* Fixed mobs not going into water to attack targets
* Upgraded the entity attack AI to allow for mounted combat and more accurate combat against large mobs
* Made the hired tag and health bar on hired units disappear when F1 is pressed
* Various texture changes
* Elven portals can now only be created by good-aligned players
* Evil players and NPCs can no longer use elven portals and will suffer if attempting to do so
* Elf house structure spawners now spawn a large Mallorn tree along with the house
* Minor changes to various structures
* Fixed NPCs being leashable
* Fixed a bug which prevented Elven Traders from spawning
* Fixed a bug where mobs would continually fall between dimensions through portals
* Fixed warhammers being able to knock mobs back before the hurt timer runs out
* Fixed a bug with the Dwarven Forge not smelting ores in multiplayer
* Fixed being unable to make charcoal from apple, pear, and cherry wood
* Made hobbit ovens and dwarven forges work properly with comparators
* LOTR capes no longer override the default player renderer, so the capes are no longer incompatible with other mods that override the renderer (this is good news for the planned wearable rings, shields, etc.)

- Removed the specific ale and mead barrels in favour of the new barrel brewing
- Removed crafting recipes for ale and mead

公测β9——游民更新(2013年10月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 9.2

* Fixed Elven and Morgul Portals being aligned to the wrong sides

Public Beta 9.1

* Fixed a crash related to Dwarven Mine generation
* Fixed mug blocks which contain drinks dropping empty mugs

Public Beta 9

+ Updated for Minecraft 1.6.4

+ Added the Rangers of the North and Rangers of Ithilien
+ Added Ranger armour
+ Added the Lone-lands biome
+ Added ruined Dúnedain towers
+ Added the Ithilien biome
+ Added Lebethron trees and wood
+ Added ruined beacon towers
+ Added asphodels
+ Added the Dunland biome
+ Added Dunlending warriors
+ Added Dunlending armour
+ Added the Emyn Muil biome
+ Added Mordor and Dead Marshes river biomes
+ Added Blacksmiths of Rohan in Rohan Fortresses
+ Added new large Mallorn and Mirk-oak designs
+ Added Grand Elven Treehouses for the Elf Lords
+ Added the ability to place mugs into the world
+ Added Dwarfwort and Dwarven Tonic
+ Added chat notifications when some alignment-limited actions cannot be performed
+ Added new troll walking animations

* Good-aligned crafting tables and portals now require +1 alignment to use instead of 0
* Changed the recipe of the Rohirric crafting table to fit better with the other table recipes
* Hobbit pipes can now be dyed regardless of remaining durability
* Basic crafting recipes including ore blocks, dyes, pressure plates and buttons are now crafted on the standard table
* Fixed NPC-owned horses not despawning after their owner died
* Medium-size Mirk-oaks now generate leaves that don't decay
* Falling leaves, blue flames, and marsh lights are now true particles instead of client-side entities
* The Elven Trader announcement now specifies which player the trader arrives near if the world contains multiple players
* Wargs' health can now range from 9 hearts to 15 hearts
* Wargs in the Misty Mountains can now be ridden by regular orcs as well as Uruk-hai
* Fixed being able to shift-click warg armour into the player's inventory
* Fixed slight misalignments on human and elf skins' faces

公测β10——范贡更新(2013年11月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 10

+ Added the Fangorn biome
+ Added Ents
+ Added Ent-draughts and Ent Jars
+ Added beech trees
+ Added Dunlending Houses
+ Added Dunlending men
+ Added multiple Dunlending skins
+ Added Dunlending Warlords
+ Added Dunlending Taverns, Bartenders, and Drunkards
+ Added the Dunlending Crafting Table
+ Added recipes for Dunlending armour
+ Added Dunlending Clubs and Tridents
+ Added Dunlending Campfires
+ Added Dwarven Ale
+ Added trader respawning
+ Added troll stomping sounds
+ Added a Mirkwood river biome
+ Added enchanted properties to the water in Mirkwood
+ Added an alignment display above other players' heads in multiplayer
+ Added a friendly fire setting, disabled by default - when disabled you cannot harm allied NPCs
+ Added a setting to enable/disable your Middle-earth cape

* Alignment penalities now scale - the higher your alignment, the more you will lose from killing a good NPC, and vice versa
* Changed the alignment display - it now starts displaying 0-10 alignment and scales up by factors of 10 when necessary
* Interacting with a trader now opens a 'Talk or Trade' screen; coins or goods are no longer required to view the trade screen
* Blacksmiths will now trade in metals other than iron
* Changed some trader alignment requirements
* Hoppers feeding into Hobbit Ovens and Dwarven Forges now attempt to fill all the input slots evenly, for increased efficiency
* Changed 'Gondor Mountains' to 'White Mountains' and 'Mordor Border' to 'Mordor Mountains'
* Duration of the poison effect dealt by daggers now depends on difficulty
* Fixed NPCs repeatedly trying to use doors without success
* Fixed the 'Kitchen Brawler' achievement triggering when an entity is killed in one hit

公测β11——山区食人妖更新(2013年12月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 11.1

+ Added a /gamerule to enable and disable orc skirmishes

* Fixed a crash bug related to orcs in Mordor

Public Beta 11

+ Added a new hired unit screen and improved command options
+ Added Guard Mode for hired units
+ Added the Ettenmoors biome
+ Added Mountain Trolls
+ Added troll hoards in troll-inhabited biomes
+ Added a new boss and a cape for defeating it
+ Added dyeable leather hats, dyeable feathers, and feathered hats made from a combination of both
+ Added the ability to rename pouches from the pouch inventory screen
+ Added an automatic search, when picking up items, for stacks of the same item stored in pouches to combine with
+ Added orc dungeons in certain biomes
+ Added cracked Mordor Brick blocks and products
+ Added the Orc Forge
+ Added a means of producing Charred Wood by burning wood in the Orc Forge
+ Added Orc and Uruk forge tents
+ Added Morgul Steel and Morgul blades and armour
+ Added orc skirmishes
+ Added orc weakening in daylight
+ Added orc fleeing from players with high alignment
+ Added a new orc speech bank for players with lower alignment
+ Added Mordor plants: Withered Moss, Stabbing Thorn, and small dead trees
+ Added maggoty bread
+ Added a chance to find enchanted items in structure loot
+ Added wolves in the Trollshaws, Lone-lands Hills, and Dunland biomes
+ Added lily pads in the Ithilien biome
+ Added vines in the Fangorn and Mirkwood biomes
+ Added hardened clay boulders in the Emyn Muil biome
+ Added the ability to leash saddled Wargs
+ Added an error message if a LOTR biome overwrites or is overwritten by another biome
+ Added a new configuration file for registering other mods' entities with the alignment system
+ Added the option to disabled hired unit death messages

* Converted all sounds in the mod from .wav to .ogg format, significantly reducing file size
* Conclusively fixed the spawning system - as originally intended, many biomes are now less densely populated with NPCs
* Tweaked some alignment bonuses
* Wood-elves now only trust players of at least +50 alignment, and may attack good players below this level
* Elves are now immune to poison
* Lone-lands and Trollshaws achievements have been combined into a single 'Eriador' category
* Trolls and Ents are now less susceptible to knockback
* Fixed being able to tickle Olog-hai
* Orc Steel can now only be smelted in the Orc Forge
* Uruk Steel is now smelted in the Orc Forge by alloying iron and coal
* Increased the damage of most Middle-earth tool sets
* Increased the damage dealt by crossbows and throwing axes
* LOTR bows, crossbows and spears now zoom in like vanilla bows when used
* Reduced the drop rate of pouches
* Reduced the amount of Dunlending drops
* Stalagmites now hurt when fallen upon
* Clover now changes colour depending on biome
* Changed 'Forward Units' to 'Ready Units'
* Fixed lettuce and pipeweed crops not staying planted
* Fixed a visual bug with the trader selling options mini-screen
* Fixed the trading screen briefly displaying incorrect trades in multiplayer
* Fixed a crash bug with pouches on multiplayer
* Fixed a duplication bug involving pouches
* Fixed the missing logo on the mod list screen

- Removed Sauron due to excessive misinformation about his purpose in the mod

公测β12——生物群系更新(2014年1月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 12.2

* Fixed a trading crash
* Fixed capes failing to display when first loading a world
* Fixed barrels' bounding boxes obstructing projectiles fired while riding them

Public Beta 12.1

* Fixed a crash when viewing the Middle-earth capes screen on multiplayer
* Midges are now less likely to reproduce outside Midgewater

Public Beta 12

+ Added Wood-elf Captains
+ Added Wood-elf Warriors, similar to Elf Warriors, and renamed Wood-elf Warriors to Wood-elf Scouts
+ Added Wood-elven Towers and a ruined variant
+ Added oak trees in the elven Mirkwood biome
+ Added butterflies
+ Added Rohan Meadhosts
+ Added Rohirrim and name signs to Rohan Mead Halls
+ Added Huorns and Dark Huorns
+ Added the Old Forest biome
+ Added the Harondor biome
+ Added the Eriador, Eriador Downs, and Eriador Woodlands biomes
+ Added the Grey Mountains biome
+ Added the Brown Lands biome
+ Added the Midgewater biome
+ Added midges
+ Added ferns in some biomes
+ Added a cure-all for negative potion effects to Athelas Brew
+ Added the ability to place barrels in water and float in them
+ Added randomised sell trades for traders
+ Added the missing recipe for leather hats
+ Added Dwarven Mattocks
+ Added orc beds
+ Added a new creative tab for Middle-earth spawner items
+ Added more loot possibilities to Mystery Webs
+ Added greater amounts of underground Rohan and Gondor rock
+ Added an exclusive cape rewarding the top five wiki contributors during 2013
+ Added configuration file settings to change the on-screen position of the alignment bar

* LOTR biome IDs now begin at 190 by default, to avoid conflicting with the new Minecraft 1.7 biomes (existing biome configurations will not be affected)
* The Middle-earth capes screen is now divided into 'Achievable' (e.g. achievement-related) and 'Exclusive' (e.g. building contest) capes
* Ents are now angered when any nearby tree is cut down, not only trees in Fangorn
* Changed the wooden supports in Dwarven Mines to Dwarven Brick wall supports
* Fixed mob spawners' nearby mob check range being ignored for vertical range
* Fixed a world leak caused by the mob spawner item renderer
* Fixed problems with some NPCs switching between melee and ranged combat
* Fixed NPCs dismounting from their mounts when in water
* Fixed NPCs continuing to attack players in creative mode
* Fixed being able to place non-armour equippable items in armour stands
* Fixed various recipe registry errors

公测β13——中洲更新(2014年2月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 13.1

+ Added a Middle-earth map screen
+ Added missing holly wood crafting recipes
+ Added missing Angmar Mercenary Captain speech banks

* Fixed the ring portal teleporting entities to the wrong Overworld location
* Fixed incorrect wood-elven armour recipes
* Fixed rivers generating in the ocean biome
* Fixed the Mirkwood River biome triggering the achievement for the Woodland Realm

Public Beta 13

+ Added Middle-earth biome generation
+ Added the Forodwaith biome
+ Added the Angmar biome
+ Added Angmar towers
+ Added Angmar Mercenary Captains
+ Added Angmar Orc Warriors
+ Added hireable Trolls and Mountain Trolls
+ Added Wargs in the Mordor biome
+ Added Wargs and Warg riders to the Mordor unit hiring list
+ Added new colour variants for Wargs and Wargskin Rugs
+ Added Warg armour recipes with orc steel to the Morgul Crafting Table
+ Added Morgul and Uruk crafting recipes for maggoty bread
+ Added the Lindon and Lindon Woodlands biomes
+ Added the Blue Mountains biome
+ Added Sarlluin blocks
+ Added Elven Brick and Elven Pillar blocks
+ Added elven turrets and a ruined variant
+ Added wood-elven tools and weapons
+ Added wood-elven armour, and renamed the old armour to Wood-elven Scout armour
+ Added a speed boost effect when an entity is wearing full Wood-elven Scout armour
+ Added the Eregion and Eregion Forest biomes
+ Added holly trees and wood
+ Added the Vales of Anduin and Vales of Anduin Woodlands biomes
+ Added the Gladden Fields biome
+ Added the Lothlórien Edge biome
+ Added the Enedwaith biome
+ Added the Middle-earth ocean biome
+ Added many new achievements, including achievements for discovering biomes
+ Added new capes for earning lots of achievements
+ Added support for multiple simultaneous 'Achievement Get' displays
+ Added metal-trimmed Dwarven Brick blocks
+ Added bodies in the waters of the Dead Marshes biome
+ Added enchanted books and compasses to the loot lists of some structures
+ Added a new logo image

* The ring portal now always leads to the Shire biome at x/z coordinates 0, 0
* Renamed elves of Lothlórien and elven items to Galadhrim elves and items
* Renamed some achievements
* Achievements are now sorted alphabetically in the achievement screen, with some exceptions
* Changed many alignment requirements
* Rivers no longer generate in mountain biomes
* Removed orcs from the Dead Marshes biome
* Uruk-hai and Wargs can now spawn in the Rohan Uruk Highlands during the day
* Removed mob spawners from Mordor Towers
* Orc Traders are now found in camps, and Orc Mercenary Captains in towers
* Trader respawn coins now ascend after unsuccessful respawn attempts, guaranteeing an eventual respawn
* Changed the stone bricks in Wood-elf structures to Elven Brick
* Changed the mouths on elf skins
* LOTR dyes can now be used in leather hat dyeing and feather dyeing recipes
* Changed Shire Pine leaves to use a coloured texture instead of a hardcoded colour
* Fixed a visual bug with mithril connected textures
* Fixed a visual bug and a world leak bug with dwarven doors
* Fixed mob spawners continuing with a spawn cycle after the nearby mob limit has been reached
* Fixed mob spawners counting nearby mobs that inherit from the same class as the spawner's mob instead of mobs of identical class
* Fixed mob spawners' nearby check range being halved for vertical check range
* Fixed a crash bug involving trolls
* Fixed a java.lang.IllegalAccessError when using newer versions of Forge

公测β14——迅速旅行更新(2014年3月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 14

+ Added waypoints and a fast-travel system to the Middle-earth map
+ Added the /fastTravelTimer command
+ Added a teleport feature to the Middle-earth map for players with access to commands
+ Added new Middle-earth respawning mechanics: players who die more than 2000 blocks from the world spawnpoint without a bed now respawn within 500-2000 blocks of their death point
+ Added the /gamerule enableMiddleEarthRespawning
+ Added farming units to the unit hiring system
+ Added wild boars
+ Added Dwarven Boar Riders and Boar Axe-thrower Riders
+ Added the option to hire normal dwarves from Dwarf Commanders
+ Added the ability to rearm orc bomb-carrying units by interacting with them while holding an orc bomb
+ Added orc firebombs
+ Added orc bomb recipes for Uruk crafting, and changed all orc bomb recipes to use gunpowder instead of Naurite
+ Added sulfur and saltpeter ores, and a crafting recipe for gunpowder utilising both of their mineral drops and charcoal
+ Added rabbits (credit to Javier Ortiz for the model)
+ Added rabbit meat and stew
+ Added new fence types for all the Middle-earth planks
+ Added an alternative vanilla fence crafting recipe
+ Added the ability to place chandeliers on the underside of fences and walls
+ Added Sarlluin pillars and pillar slabs
+ Added vodka, brewed with potatoes
+ Added the Shire Orchard biome
+ Added Hobbit Orcharders
+ Added the Coldfells biome
+ Added the Angmar Mountains biome
+ Added the Minhiriath, Minhiriath Woodlands, and Minhiriath Wasteland biomes
+ Added the Swanfleet biome
+ Added the Eregion Hills biome
+ Added the Enedwaith Woodlands biome
+ Added the Misty Mountains Forest biome
+ Added the Mirkwood Mountains biome
+ Added the Wilderland and Wilderland Forest biomes
+ Added the Fangorn Mountains, Fangorn Birch Forest, Fangorn Clearing, and Fangorn Wasteland biomes
+ Added the Rohan Woodlands and Rohan Boulder Fields biomes
+ Added the Dunland Forest biome
+ Added the Gondor Woodlands and Gondor Hills biomes
+ Added the Ithilien Hills and Ithilien Wasteland biomes
+ Added the Nindalf biome
+ Added the Brown Lands Woodlands biome
+ Added the Dagorlad biome
+ Added the Núrn and Sea of Núrnen biomes
+ Added Núrn wheat farms and slaves of Núrn
+ Added Orc Slavers and Slaver Towers
+ Added the Nan Ungol biome
+ Added Mordor Spiders
+ Added Orc Spider Keepers and Spider Pits
+ Added Mordor and Uruk Warg pits
+ Added the Harondor Scrubland biome
+ Added the Western Isles
+ Added lake biomes within some biomes, including sand, gravel and frozen variants
+ Added ice in the northern Middle-earth ocean biome which gradually increases when moving further north
+ Added a small chance for apple and pear trees to appear in many more biomes
+ Added better cloud and fog colours in some biomes
+ Added constant fog in the Mirkwood Corrupted biome
+ Added yellow iris flowers in the Gladden Fields biome
+ Added Quendite ore in Lindon
+ Added ravines in Middle-earth and lava ravines in the Mordor biome
+ Added the missing hired troll speech bank

* The mod's biomes now use a separate biome list, meaning an unlimited amount of biomes can potentially be added, and eliminating the possibility of biome ID conflicts
* When outside the bounds of the Middle-earth map screen, the player will be displayed along the edge of the map
* Some changes to the Middle-earth map to make it more accurate
* Made biome variants larger
* Made rivers less common
* Most biomes now have wild boars instead of pigs
* Gondor Soldiers no longer spawn naturally in the Gondor Mountains biome
* Mirkwood water is now only enchanted in corrupted Mirkwood biomes
* Increased the width of the Middle-earth achievement screen to accommodate longer achievement names
* Renamed the Dead Marshes achievement category to Nindalf
* Renamed Elanor Yellow to Yellow Dye
* Changed the dwarven bed texture back to a pickaxe
* Changed the fence types used in some structures
* Shire Ponies can no longer wear horse armour
* Fixed the 'talk' option being available for hired NPCs without speech banks
* Fixed Mirkwood Spiders not dropping string

公测β15——派系和建筑更新(2014年4月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 15

+ Added a new faction-based alignment system
+ Added many new randomly generated structures
+ Added banners and wall banners
+ Added the Sword of Command
+ Added Ranger Captains of the North and hireable Rangers
+ Added Ranger Camps
+ Added Gundabad Orcs and Angmar Orcs, and renamed Orcs to Mordor Orcs
+ Added Gundabad Orc camps and mercenary captains
+ Added Mordor Wargs, Angmar Wargs, Gundabad Wargs, and Uruk Wargs
+ Added the Angmar Crafting Table
+ Added Angmar tools, weapons, and armour
+ Added Angmar brick blocks, slabs, stairs, and walls
+ Added Morgul Iron and Gulduril ores in Angmar
+ Added Gulduril Bricks made from Cracked Mordor Brick, Angmar Brick, and Cracked Angmar Brick
+ Added bottles of poison, obtained from poisonous spiders
+ Added poisoned versions of all dagger types in the mod
+ Added crafting recipes for poisoned daggers
+ Added sulfur matches
+ Added a crafting recipe for bone meal using saltpeter and dirt
+ Added sulfur and saltpeter storage blocks
+ Added the Near Harad, Far Harad, Far Harad Jungle, and Harad Mountains biomes and biome variants
+ Added the Umbar biome
+ Added rivers to the Middle-earth map
+ Added beach biomes next to Middle-earth rivers and the ocean
+ Added the Bree-land biome
+ Added the Chetwood biome
+ Added the Middle-earth Tundra and Taiga biomes
+ Added the Forodwaith Mountains and Forodwaith Glacier biomes
+ Added damage from the cold in Forodwaith biomes, avoidable by staying out of the open air, block light sources, and wearing leather or fur armour
+ Added the Misty Mountains Foothills, Grey Mountains Foothills, White Mountains Foothills, and Blue Mountains Foothills biomes
+ Added beech, birch and spruce variants of dead trees
+ Added quagmire blocks in marshy biomes
+ Added greater quantities of coal and iron ores in the Blue Mountains
+ Added hobbit pancakes
+ Added a more severe drunken effect
+ Added support for multiple-item stacks in traders' sell trades
+ Added a Middle-earth spawn chest containing pouches
+ Added the ability for orcs to scavenge better pieces of equipment
+ Added AI to make burning NPCs run around randomly
+ Added an alignment penalty for being caught cutting down trees in Fangorn
+ Added the option to dismiss a hired unit
+ Added a speech bank for orc skirmishes

* The Rohirrim now avenge the death of horses killed nearby
* Horses spawned in Rohan now have better health, speed, and jump strength
* Increased the capacity of pouches
* NPCs now only drop pouches when killed by a player
* NPCs' attack strength now depends on the damage of the weapon they carry
* Mithril ore is now exclusive to the Misty Mountains biome
* Dwarven tools now have a harvest level equivalent to diamond tools
* Water in cold biomes can now freeze even below snow height
* Made wolves more common in most forested biomes
* Improved the positioning of waypoints
* The fast travel timer now stays at 0 when fast travelling in creative mode
* Trading balances: some common item sell trades now require you to sell multiple items
* Made crossbows less obstructive while aiming
* Poison from daggers now lasts longer
* Achievement category buttons are now cyclical
* Changed the blocks in Angmar structures to Angmar Brick instead of Mordor Brick
* Orc Dungeons are now built from stone brick and no longer contain Morgul Crafting Tables
* Improved boulder generation again
* Fixed some structures generating on unsuitable terrain
* Fixed hired boars not healing as fast as other NPC mounts
* Fixed incorrect config file IDs for rabbit meat
* Fixed a crash when viewing the Middle-earth map screen before entering Middle-earth on multiplayer
* Fixed filling a stack of empty mugs from a mug block using up the whole stack of mugs

- Removed Dunlending Warlord houses
- Removed the /gamerule allowPVPBetweenSameAlignment
- Removed the old achievements for reaching certain alignment values
- Removed alignment-specific achivement counts
- Removed the alignment capes

公测β16——远哈拉德更新(2014年4月13日) 编辑


Public Beta 16.1

+ Added the Near Harad Fertile biome
+ Added German and Russian translations

* The world now saves the alignment meter faction currently being viewed
* Fixed some bugs with alignment penalties
* Fixed wooden slab crafting recipes
* Changed the wool in hobbit windmills' roofs to stained clay

Public Beta 16

+ Updated for Minecraft 1.7.2

+ Added a language file for the mod's blocks, items, inventories, entities, biomes, factions, and most screens
+ Added new Far Harad animals: lions, giraffes, zebras, rhinos, and crocodiles
+ Added mango trees, mangoes, and mango juice
+ Added banana trees, bananas, banana bread, and banana cake
+ Added the Far Harad Forest biome
+ Added melons in Far Harad jungles and forests
+ Added double tall grass and new flowers in Middle-earth biomes
+ Added large spruce trees in various biomes
+ Added dark oaks in the Old Forest biome
+ Added acacia trees in the Far Harad biome
+ Added dwarfwort in the Blue Mountains biome
+ Added alcoholicity ratings for alcoholic drinks
+ Re-added the HOSTILE faction for LOTR_EntityRegistry.txt
+ Added the powers of 10 to the alignment display screen

* Elven Traders now spawn with a small escort of elves
* Renamed Wood-elven Wine to Red Wine
* Improved the mechanics of Yellow Iris flowers to reflect the new vanilla double plants
* Fixed NPCs being angered when their enemies are killed
* Fixed being unable to hire units from Dunlending Warlords
* Fixed banners dropping wall banners
* Fixed the alignment bar x-position configuration

- Temporarily removed NEI recipe mode compatibility

公测β17——高等精灵和南蛮子更新(2014年5月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 17.1

* Fixed Mordor Spider Keepers refusing to let players hire units
* Increased the amount of grass in the Near Harad Fertile biome

Public Beta 17

+ Added the ability to create custom waypoints for the Middle-earth map
+ Added more waypoints, including waypoints in Near and Far Harad
+ Added other players' locations on the Middle-earth map (and the option to hide your location)
+ Added new alignment factions: Near Harad, Far Harad, and Half-trolls
+ Added banner bearers for all factions with banners
+ Added the High Elves
+ Added the High Elven Crafting Table
+ Added High Elven armour, weapons, tools, and banners
+ Added High Elven torches, beds, and chandeliers
+ Added Elanor and Niphredil flowers in Lindon
+ Added the Near Haradrim
+ Added the Near Harad Crafting Table
+ Added Near Haradrim armour, weapons, and banners
+ Added the Pertorogwaith biome
+ Added better terrain generation, especially for mountains
+ Added stone in the Misty Mountains above a certain height
+ Added podzol in some Middle-earth forest biomes
+ Added the Tolfalas and Lebennin biomes
+ Added dense variants of some forest biomes
+ Added the Wilderland Hills biome
+ Added maple trees, maple wood, maple syrup, and maple beer
+ Added larch trees and wood
+ Added some new randomly generated structures
+ Added hobbit farms, farmers, and hireable farmhands
+ Added dwarves and dwarven mines to the Blue Mountains
+ Added birds
+ Added Crebain of Dunland
+ Added jungle scorpions and desert scorpions
+ Added gemsboks and flamingoes
+ Added gemsbok hide armour
+ Added lion fur beds
+ Added new Harad double flowers
+ Added the Rohirric Battleaxe
+ Re-added alignment dependencies for certain achievements
+ Added a cape for earning 25 achievements
+ Added a summon command for LOTR entities
+ Added more things to the language file
+ Added English (British), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Argentina), Croatian, and Serbian translations

* Increased the size of most biome variants
* Made Shire Orchard biomes smaller
* Made rivers less common again
* Split the Harad achievement category into Near and Far Harad
* Killing Uruk-hai no longer lowers Dunlending alignment, and vice versa
* Uruk-hai now have more health
* Renamed Mercenary Captains to Chieftains
* Replaced Galadhrim equipment with High Elven equipment in various loot tables
* Changed some trader-related alignment bonuses
* Changed the textures of fruit trees
* Improved sky textures
* Made dwarf houses less common
* Fixed a crash bug with dwarf houses on servers
* Fixed a saving bug with hobbits
* Fixed giraffes being immune to most sources of damage
* Fixed waypoint progress being reset on servers
* Fixed the uncrafting of sulfur and saltpeter blocks only giving one resource item
* Fixed being unable to place mugs on some blocks perfectly suited to mug-bearing
* Fixed structures not respawning NPCs

- Removed randomly generated lake biomes: the new terrain generation seems to generate enough lakes by itself

公测β18——哈拉德和鲁恩更新(2014年7月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 18.2

+ Added randomly generated islands

* Fixed orc torches breaking when an adjacent block is updated
* Fixed spiders behaving strangely

Public Beta 18.1

+ Updated the Croatian translation

* Fixed a bug where hired Near Haradrim warriors would not respond to combat situations involving their hiring player
* Fixed the blue mountains armour achievement displaying the wrong name and description

Public Beta 18

+ Updated for Minecraft 1.7.10

+ Added capes for reaching +1000 alignment for most factions
+ Added the eastern regions of Rhûn and the Red Mountains
+ Added Sarncaran (Red Rock) and Sarncaran bricks, slabs, stairs, walls, and pillars
+ Added thatch blocks, slabs, and stairs, made from wheat and dirt
+ Added camels
+ Added Near Harad villages
+ Added Near Harad houses, large houses, towers, and bazaars
+ Added various Near Harad bazaar traders
+ Added Near Harad fortresses
+ Added Near Haradrim Warlords
+ Added Near Haradrim Archers and the Bow of Harad
+ Added Near Harad Bricks and brick slabs, stairs, and walls
+ Added date palms and date palm wood
+ Added dates
+ Added araq
+ Added Near Harad Desert Camps
+ Added the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains
+ Added Blue Mountains Merchants
+ Added the Blue Mountains Crafting Table
+ Added Blue Dwarf Steel
+ Added Blue Dwarven tools, weapons, and armour
+ Added Blue Mountains banners
+ Added a Blue Mountains achievement category
+ Added dwarven marriage rings
+ Added dwarf children and dwarf marriages
+ Added the Barrow-downs biome
+ Added barrows
+ Added stone ruins in various biomes
+ Added unit hiring discounts for high alignment players
+ Added a command to set the fast travel cooldown time
+ Added a 'stone beach' biome to replace the beaches in Lindon and Forodwaith
+ Added snow at higher elevations in some previously non-snowy biomes
+ Added fallen logs in more forest biomes
+ Added a Pirate translation

* Changed the default fast-travel cooldown time to 1 hour
* Replaced the Harad map with a map based on The Atlas of Middle-earth
* Renamed the Hobbit Ring to Hobbit Marriage Ring
* Slight changes to the placement of snow in some biomes
* Replaced some NPC capes with the appropriate alignment cape
* Moved the Elven Trader achievement to the Lothlórien category
* Increased the price of banner bearers
* Ordinary dwarf units now have a chance to be dwarf women
* Fixed some crashes when playing the mod in a newer Forge version
* Fixed a bug where crafting banana cake would give the block instead of the item
* Increased the armour strength of Olog-hai

公测β19——逃犯和敌人更新(2014年8月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 19.2

+ Added a rare chance for Near Harad to invade Gondor and Ithilien
+ Added green fog in Fangorn Forest and dark fog in the Old Forest
+ Added updated German and Russian translations

* Fixed NPCs talking to you after you kill them
* Fixed the Island waypoints always being unlocked on the client side on servers
* Mug crafting now gives two clay mugs
* Fixed athelas brew causing a crash when used on servers
* Fixed a crash on servers when brewing ent draught
* Fixed the Elven Bow crafting recipe on the High Elven table
* Fixed many food lists containing raw food instead of cooked food
* Fixed the /ban and /allow structure commands using usernames instead of UUIDs
* Fixed the alignment meter being displayed while the tab key is pressed
* The Mordor Mountains no longer trigger the achievement for entering Mordor
* Fixed Uruk-hai being able to pick up equipment

Public Beta 19.1

+ Added banner bearers to the invasion spawn lists
+ Added chat notifications for when a player angers allied NPCs by killing one of their allies
+ Added a Quenya translation and updated Spanish (Argentina) and Spanish (Mexico) translations
+ Added the Tengwar glyphs on the inside of the Ring Portal

* Changed the Rohirric Crafting Table recipe to four planks
* Banners placed on gold blocks now prevent invasions and bandits from spawning
* Fixed a crash in multiplayer when right-clicking a banner placed on a gold block
* Banner bearers now seek out targets of their own accord
* Fixed the ladder in the Ranger Watchtower being generated incorrectly
* Fixed the placement of the chandelier at the top of the Blue Mountains Stronghold
* Fixed NPCs holding bows and crossbows incorrectly
* Fixed NPCs becoming angered when bandits are killed
* Hired NPCs now target bandits
* Bandits can no longer steal items which are currently being worn or held
* Fixed strange characters appearing in bandit speech
* Reduced the strain on the CPU from bandit and invasion spawning
* Fixed invasion spawners and trader respawn coins moving jerkily
* Fixed a crash when bandits flee from a player
* Fixed the saddled camels in Near Harad desert camps not actually being saddled
* Fixed chests not being consumed when attached to camels
* Fixed a boar crash
* Fixed Olog-hai's faces disappearing when they are hurt
* Fixed a crash when smelting items in an alloy forge
* Fixed summoning a Huorn not consuming the ent-draught
* Fixed alcoholic drinks' nausea effect not lasting very long at all

Public Beta 19

+ Added a 32-block cubic radius of protection around a banner placed on a gold block, which serves two purposes:
1) Enemy mobs are prevented from spawning
2) In multiplayer, terrain is protected from being edited or interacted with, either against enemies of the banner's faction, or with a whitelist
+ Added more available custom waypoints as a reward for earning Middle-earth achievements
+ Added bandits
+ Added invasions
+ Added several new Fangorn plants and new Ent-draught types
+ Added a better Ent-draught system: rain now fills jars in any biome, jars can also be filled from water containers, and Fangorn plants added to a jar of water turn it into draught
+ Added the ability to summon hired Huorns through the use of golden ent draught
+ Added a speed boost effect to Miruvor and Orc Draught
+ Added potion effect tooltip information for brewable drinks and Ent-draughts
+ Added eating and drinking AI to many more NPCs
+ Added a death message when a hired troll turns to stone
+ Added the Entity ID of the spawned entity to LOTR spawn eggs' tooltips
+ Added the 'pick block' function for trader respawn coins, which gives the stored trader's spawn egg
+ Added more skins for orcs, Uruk-hai, Olog-hai, and Gondor Soldiers
+ Added Angmar orc spawning in the Ettenmoors biome
+ Added Mordor orcs in the Dagorlad biome
+ Added rare Dunlending spawns in the Enedwaith biome
+ Added Ranger Watchtowers
+ Added dwarven and blue dwarven spears
+ Added the ability to saddle and ride rhinos, and charge them into mobs
+ Added Sarlluin and Sarncaran deposits underground within their respective biomes
+ Added additional ore generation at higher layers in all mountain biomes
+ Added the ability to light Beacons of Gondor with torches
+ Added Morgul Torches
+ Added cape names and descriptions to the language file
+ Added an automatic language file update-helper which adds any missing keys to LOTR language files to make updating them easier - see .minecraft/mods/LOTR_UpdatedLangFiles
+ Added an Italian translation
+ Added updated German and Serbian translations
+ Added a configuration file option to disable mist in the Misty Mountains

* Increased the health of elves and dwarves
* Increased the health of many Harad animals
* Fixed dwarven merchants not spawning
* Banner bearers now carry banners in the left hand so they do not disappear in battle
* Banners now break instead of falling when the block below is removed
* Banners can now be placed on walls, and the 'Wall Banner' items have been removed for simplicity
* Reduced the speed at which hired NPCs heal without banner bearers nearby
* Near Haradrim now defend themselves with daggers
* Dunlending Bartenders now trade at Dunland alignment 0
* Fixed the hired NPC death message saying only 'died' instead of the specific cause of death
* Fixed NPCs dropping equipment too often
* Ent-draughts are now poisonous to enemies of Fangorn
* Players can no longer drink straight from ent jars
* Fixed mismatched warg armour rendering
* Fixed skeletal wraiths falling through the ground
* Removed the region of Brown Lands to the east of Mordor
* Hobbit Farmhouse roofs are now made of thatch blocks
* Fixed the orc bed crafting recipe giving the block instead of the item
* Fixed all vanilla dyes being treated as black dyes in hat and feather dyeing
* Changed the Uruk-hai cape and banner to the White Hand of Saruman
* Renamed some capes

公测β20——小任务更新(2014年9月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 20.2

+ Added more realistic rain and splash particle textures
+ Added the configuration option for a sepia-toned Middle-earth map 

* Fixed the Middle-earth respawning

Public Beta 20.1

+ Added icons to the Middle-earth map which display the location of miniquest-givers
+ Added coin rewards for completing mini-quests
+ Added achievements for completing mini-quests from various factions
+ Added varying ocean water colour depending on latitude
+ Added updated Spanish (Argentina) and Spanish (Mexico) translations
+ Added an overlay texture to the map display

* Increased the maximum map zoom level by 2
* Fixed map dragging working improperly on higher zoom levels
* Fixed the map displaying waypoint and player positions inaccurately on higher zoom levels
* Fixed mobs with hats being displayed incorrectly in the miniquest offer screen
* Fixed the dwarven spider-killing miniquest speechbanks
* Fixed wood-elves in towers spawning with elk
* Fixed hired wood-elven cavalry not armouring their elk
* Fixed hired warg riders not armouring their wargs
* Fixed cavalry units not displaying mount armour in the unit hiring screen
* Fixed rain falling in Mordor
* Fixed friendly fire being enabled by default

Public Beta 20

+ Added mini-quests
+ Added the Red Book
+ Added the Shire Reckoning calendar
+ Added Middle-earth Shields as a replacement for capes
+ Added several new types of horse armour, including upgraded versions of vanilla horse armour with better protection
+ Added Angmar and Mordor warg armour
+ Added armour on mounts that spawn naturally and hired mounts
+ Added lore for items dropped by NPCs that says who their previous owner was
+ Added a chance for NPCs to drop coins when killed
+ Added automatic enpouchment of various loot when an NPC drops a pouch
+ Added the chance for NPCs to drop pouches when killed indirectly by a player, e.g. by hired units, in addition to direct kills
+ Added filtering options for waypoints on the Middle-earth map
+ Added more realistic water colours throughout Middle-earth
+ Added new realistic loading functionality to crossbows
+ Added enchantability to spears
+ Added a system of alcohol tolerance
+ Added persistence of brewing contents for barrel items
+ Added carrot wine, banana beer and melon liqueur
+ Added the Dol Guldur biome
+ Added Dol Guldur orcs
+ Added Mirk-trolls
+ Added a Dol Guldur crafting table and banner
+ Added Dol Guldur equipment
+ Added Dol Guldur Brick blocks, slabs, stairs, and walls, and cracked variants
+ Added Gulduril Brick versions of Dol Guldur Brick
+ Added Dol Guldur Towers and Altars
+ Added the ability to tame and ride Mirkwood Spiders and Mordor Spiders
+ Added Woodland Elk
+ Added hireable Wood-elven Elk Cavalry
+ Added a Ranger crafting table and banner
+ Added Ranger banner bearers
+ Added Arnor Brick blocks, slabs, stairs, and walls, including mossy, cracked, and carved variants
+ Added Uruk Brick blocks, slabs, stairs, and walls
+ Added a Gundabad crafting table and banner
+ Added Gundabad banner bearers
+ Added an item and crafting recipes for the orc skull staff
+ Added the option to set hired NPCs' guard range as low as 1 in order to keep them stationed
+ Added a separate 'Gondor Tower Guard' NPC that wears the winged helmet
+ Added travelling merchants of Near Harad
+ Added Near Harad pyramids
+ Added two-headed trolls
+ Added feet to the hobbit model
+ Added Dalish Pastries
+ Added fallen leaves
+ Added straw beds
+ Added thatch flooring
+ Added a rendered box to show the protection range of banners in debug mode
+ Added hover text for Middle-earth achievements in the chat screen
+ Added forests on the eastern side of the Ered Luin, and a missing arm of the mountains
+ Added a much-loved character into the world

* Changed all mounts in the mod to be more like horses, including taming behaviour, jumping, and inventories
* Changed horse armour recipes to use leather instead of wool
* LOTR horses can no longer wear vanilla horse armour
* LOTR horses are now bred with apples
* Warg armour is now a single item and is crafted like horse armour
* Changed the roofs of some structures to thatch
* Changed the beds in some structures to straw beds
* Changed the bricks in the Dúnedain structures to Arnor bricks
* Horses in Rohan Fortresses are now tamed and saddled
* Increased the spawning chance of stone ruins
* Changed stone blocks in Uruk structures to Uruk bricks
* Changed the recipes of the Uruk crafting table and forge to use Uruk bricks
* Changed the Angmar crafting table recipe to use bricks
* Fast travel is now unavailable if nearby NPCs are attacking you
* Middle-earth respawning now comes into effect even if you have a bed, given that you are at least 5000 blocks away from it
* Changed the starting number of custom waypoints to 5
* Fixed the Serbian translation not working
* Fixed Dunlending Trident fishing depleting the hunger bar very quickly
* Fixed Fangorn plants placed in flower pots all appearing as Tears of Yavanna
* Made mithril ore rarer
* Thrown spears now carry the NBT-data of the spear item
* Throwing axes can no longer be used for melee combat
* Fixed NPCs in guard mode not retaliating when attacked by an enemy outside their guard range
* Fixed Rangers' capes not becoming invisible when they are in stealth mode
* Fixed Wood-elf warriors being able to teleport like Wood-elf scouts
* Reduced the chance of Shirriff raids
* Shirriffs now only raid enemies at night
* Invasions are now announced to all nearby enemy players
* Actually fixed dwarven merchants not spawning
* Travelling traders will no longer attempt to spawn near enemy players
* Reduced the amount of goods displayed in Near Harad bazaars
* Desert scorpions in Harad spawn above ground less often
* Peaceful mode now has no effect on the spawning of evil NPCs
* Gundabad orcs can now spawn with axes and pickaxes
* Gundabad archers can now spawn with wooden bows and iron crossbows
* Killing Gundabad orcs no longer increases Hobbit alignment
* Fixed being able to break glass with plates when the glass is protected by a banner
* Fixed being able to use buckets inside banner protection
* Fixed the alignment command message specifying the wrong player name
* Fixed the special hobbit pipe crafting recipes
* Changed Gondor brick textures
* Improved Olog-hai and banner textures
* Fixed the random skin lists not being reloaded when the texture pack is changed in-game

- Removed Middle-earth capes
- Removed separate warg armour items
- Removed crafting recipes for vanilla horse armour
- Removed invasions from the Shire
- Removed Elanor and Niphredil flowers from Lindon

公测β21——乌图姆诺更新(2014年11月8日) 编辑


Public Beta 21.3

* Fixed dik-diks spawning endlessly
* Fixed new wood blocks not being smeltable into charcoal

Public Beta 21.2

* Fixed another banner-related crash

Public Beta 21.1

+ Added an updated Spanish (Argentina) translation

* Fixed a banner-related crash
* Fixed titles not being displayed if the username is altered by something else
* Fixed Balrogs being able to burn through any block
* Balrogs now have a higher chance to drop their weapons
* The Balrog Whip now has a drawback time
* The Pickaxe of the Underworld is now only dropped on the lowest level of Utumno
* Fixed crossbows not working
* Thistles can now damage sprinting players
* Thistles now drop thistles
* Fixed Dunlendings not spawning in Enedwaith
* Fixed NPCs playing their attack sounds too often
* Increased the cost and required alignment to hire Black Uruks

Public Beta 21

+ Added the pits of Utumno
+ Added Utumno achievements and the Utumno faction
+ Added Utumno Orcs, Wargs, Trolls, and Spiders
+ Added Tormented Elves
+ Added Balrogs
+ Added Utumno weapons and armour
+ Added Utumno bricks and pillars
+ Added player titles
+ Added an on-screen compass and a Middle-earth map compass
+ Added several new waypoints
+ Added improved mountain generation
+ Added new Harad biomes: Near Harad Semidesert and Fertile Forest, and Far Harad Arid Savannah, Baobab Savannah, Cloud Forest, Swampland, Mangrove, Bushland, and Volcano
+ Added mangrove, baobab, and cedar trees, and their wood
+ Added termite mounds and exploding termites
+ Added dik-diks
+ Added new Harad flowers
+ Added chestnut trees, wood, conkers, and roast chestnuts
+ Added roots, more branches, and wider trunks to large Mallorn trees
+ Added the ability to grow large Mallorn trees on quendite grass
+ Added a new renderer for fallen leaves
+ Added several new tall grass types
+ Added clover to all biomes
+ Added flax
+ Added berry bushes and several types of berries
+ Added rotten logs
+ Added latitude-varying water colours for all biomes
+ Added more variance in tree generation for plains-type biomes
+ Added a layer of red sand in the Red Mountains
+ Added thicker layers of sandstone for sandy biomes
+ Added new improved Vales of Anduin biomes
+ Added Shire moors in the north and marshes in the south
+ Added more tree types to the Woodland Realm
+ Added more slots for banner protection whitelists
+ Added the ability to set a required alignment level for banners in faction protection mode
+ Added Hobbit and Ranger alignment bonuses for killing dark huorns
+ Added Uruk-hai Berserkers and renamed the old Berserkers to Sappers
+ Added Black Uruks, Black Uruk Steel and Black Uruk equipment
+ Added a new Uruk helmet model
+ Added the Near Harad Warlord helmet
+ Added Rohirric, Gondorian, and High Elven bows
+ Added new enlarged textures for bows
+ Added a crossbow loading sound effect
+ Added Rohan, Gondor, Mordor, and Near Harad pillars and pillar slabs
+ Added Carved Mordor Brick and a new Mordor Brick texture
+ Added Mordor scrub, dirt, and gravel
+ Added the ability to shift-click a plate to make the food pop out
+ Added the ability to stack multiple identical food items on a plate
+ Added the complete list of fishable items for the Dunlending Trident
+ Added cactus liqueur
+ Added a gradual distance-dependent transparency effect for on-screen quest book rendering
+ Added a Forge modlist configuration screen for the mod's config file
+ Added config options to enable or disable banner protection
+ Added a config option to disable hired units' health bars
+ Added an updated logo
+ Added French (France) and French (Canada) translations and updated Italian and Serbian translations

* Fast travel now has a 10-second countdown before teleporting, which is cancelled by moving, so that players cannot use it to escape dangerous situations
* Default fast travel cooldown is now 30 minutes
* Protection banners now protect themselves by default
* Protection banners can no longer be destroyed by anything other than direct or indirect attacks from players
* Banner protection now protects wall banners, other standing banners which are non-protecting, paintings, item frames, wagrskin rugs, and troll statues
* Banners now protect against orc bombs and TNT
* Custom waypoints can no longer be created in banner-protected areas
* Fixed being unable to remove players from the banner whitelist
* Changed the Near Harad armour recipes to use bronze
* NPCs now sometimes say things when they begin attacking a player
* NPCs can no longer be spoken to when they are in combat
* Fixed the drop rate of pouches being ridiculously high
* Slightly reduced the chance for an NPC to offer a mini-quest
* Changed the storage of completed mini-quests to record the amount completed per faction
* Fixed kill-entity mini-quests sometimes not recording kills of subtypes of the target entity
* Fixed travelling trader escorts being able to give mini-quests
* Fixed blocks rendering darkly in the mini-quest screen
* Fixed some elements of the Middle-earth map screen being layered in the wrong order
* The Brandywine Bridge and Sarn Ford waypoints no longer require Hobbit alignment
* The Forodwaith biome now extends south around the Bay of Forochel
* Increased the size of the Woodland Realm
* Increased the amount of grassy land in the Blue Mountains
* Changed Blue Mountains houses to have Sarlluin exteriors instead of dirt and stone
* Blue Mountains mines can now spawn upon Sarlluin
* Gravel in Dagorlad is now Mordor gravel
* Fixed white water in ent jars
* Ent jars containing brewed draughts now produce particle effects
* Fixed marsh lights not generating
* Spears and other projectiles now save and send to clients the full itemstack data
* Fixed a spear-related ticking entity server crash
* Reverted the Sword of Command to dealing 1 damage
* Fixed Rohirrim being angered when non-horse mounts are killed in Rohan
* Fixed a mead hall generation error
* Drunkards no longer give mini-quests
* Dunland is no longer enemies with Mordor or elven factions
* Orcs and Dunlendings no longer pick up items
* Fixed the friendly and neutral orc speech banks being reversed
* Fixed iron, gold, and diamond LOTR horse armour items not being displayed in the hand
* Fixed some plants using stone block sounds
* Three-leaf clovers are now replaceable like tall grass
* Changed the beech and shire pine wood texture
* Changed the hobbit pancake textures
* Renamed the Elven Bow to the Galadhrim Bow
* Changed the Middle-earth achievement notification texture and fixed longer achievement names being cut off
* Fixed the Middle-earth achievement notification appearing when GUI is disabled

公测β22——道路更新(2015年2月1日) 编辑


Public Beta 22.4

* Fixed crafting and smelting crashes

Public Beta 22.3

* Changed the LOTR.dat data structure
* Fixed a major cause of lag on servers
* NPCs can now only give out miniquests to one player at a time

Public Beta 22.2

* Fixed all biomes sharing the same ore list
* Changed the Rohirric bow textures

Public Beta 22.1

+ Added the option to assign squadrons to units when hiring them
+ Added updated Spanish (Argentina) and Russian translations

* Fixed a server bug where fast travelling on a mount would only move the mount
* Road generation now smooths out the terrain around the road
* Fixed troll hoards generating on roads in the Trollshaws
* Made swamp biomes flatter
* Fixed the coin exchange not updating when one type of coin is swapped for another
* Fixed Rohirrim Marshals and Archers not being referred to as such
* Fixed LOTR equipment being unenchantable and tools having incorrect harvest levels
* Fixed butterfly jars crashing servers
* Fixed a server crash when attempting to create a waypoint in a banner-protected area
* Fixed the baby rhino model displaying horns and a very large neck
* Increased the alignment gained by killing Uruk-hai
* Mordor plants can now be placed on Mordor gravel
* Fixed a Half-troll miniquest which was assigned to Near Harad

Public Beta 22

+ Added roads
+ Added new waypoints
+ Added a system of randomly generated biome variants to greatly improve biome diversity
+ Added smooth zoom to the Middle-earth map
+ Added a new factions menu with faction information and statistics
+ Added region categories for the factions menu and the alignment meter
+ Added a squadrons system to enable easier command of hired units
+ Added the Horn of Conquest
+ Added higher-valued coins and a coin exchange feature for traders
+ Added shorter ranges of banner protection using bronze and silver blocks
+ Added the currently empty Moredain and Tauredain factions to replace the Far Harad faction
+ Added Half-trolls
+ Added Half-troll Warlords, Warriors, and banners
+ Added Half-troll weapons, armour, and rhino armour
+ Added Half-troll Scavengers
+ Added the Half-troll Crafting Table
+ Added Torog Draught and Stew
+ Added Half-troll houses
+ Added Mordor brick ruins to Pertorogwaith
+ Added Ithilien Ranger Captains, hireable Rangers of Ithilien, and Ithilien banner bearers
+ Added Ithilien hideouts
+ Added butterfly jars
+ Added berry pie and berry juices
+ Added Black Gondor Brick blocks, stairs, slabs, and walls
+ Added Black Gondor Pillar blocks and slabs
+ Added several new carved dwarven and elven bricks
+ Added the regions of Udûn, Gorgoroth, Morgul Vale, and Eastern Desolation to Mordor
+ Added Angmar orc camps, traders, and Warg pits
+ Added Dol Guldur orc camps, traders, and spider pits
+ Added Shire Woodlands biomes to the map
+ Added taiga regions to the map
+ Added beech trees to the Woodland Realm
+ Added silver, gold, and mithril trimmed dwarven armour
+ Added a new Durin's Folk shield texture
+ Added iron and bronze battleaxes
+ Added bronze crossbows
+ Added larger textures for some swords
+ Added a command to set the LOTR date
+ Added new round sun and moon textures
+ Added lunar eclipses
+ Added new models and skins for lions and rhinos
+ Added new Near Haradrim skins and new hobbit skins
+ Added new AI to make ranged units flee if their target gets too close
+ Added hundreds of new NPC speeches
+ Added occasional trader speech advertisements when players are nearby
+ Added Warg and horse armours to some traders' stock lists
+ Added config options (intended for servers) to enable or disable miniquests, fast travel, and titles
+ Added the Loremaster 2014 shield
+ Added an updated Russian translation

* Improved speech bank directory structure and corrected all lowercase race names to uppercase in speech banks
* Diamonds no longer generate in Middle-earth
* Changed the magical hobbit pipe recipe to include a mithril nugget
* Increased the durability of most Middle-earth equipment sets
* Enchanted equipment is no longer available from traders and loot chests
* Fixed the Middle-earth map cursor displaying the wrong biome adjacent to biome borders on high zoom levels
* Fixed biome borders generating incorrectly
* Improved the height transitions between biomes
* Beaches are now smaller
* Fixed beaches generating at the borders between rivers and ocean
* Randomly generated rivers are now wider
* Shire grass is now brighter
* Bare dirt no longer generates in forest biomes
* Changed the Pertorogwaith biome colours to give a more gloomy atmosphere
* Changed the Forodwaith Mountains to have greater amounts of stone and snow
* Increased the spawn rate of Mordor lava ravines
* Improved some night sky textures
* Moon phases now depend on the LOTR date
* Rabbits, birds, and butterflies can now spawn in almost all biomes but require certain conditions to be met
* Invasion spawners now display a weapon used by their faction
* Summoned invasion spawners no longer perform spawning if the gamerule doMobSpawning is disabled
* Dunlendings no longer spawn in Enedwaith
* Fixed hired huorns being dismissed when a tree is cut down nearby
* Fixed Gundabad Orc archers and crossbowers dropping the wrong ammunition
* Increased the drop rate of arrows from archer NPCs
* Utumno creatures now can only drop key parts for the level they are on
* Renamed Orc equipment to Mordor equipment
* Fixed Mordor camps generating on bodies of water
* Fixed Mordor Gulduril ore dropping crystals which are unusable for crafting
* Fixed a crash in Near Harad fortress generation
* Fixed armour stand slots accepting all types of armour
* Fixed summoned NPCs being assigned a home position at the centre of the world
* Changed the dwarf model to use the same skin proportions as other humanoid models
* Fixed the dwarf model's arms being mismatched
* Fixed dwarf children always being male
* Updated some animals with multiple skins to use the mod's random skins system
* Changed textures of mithril items to be less vivid
* Fixed the player data not saving the currently viewed faction on the alignment meter
* Fixed the displayed banner protection cube being slightly vertically misplaced
* Fixed banners dropping as a result of explosions because they were not resistant to all motion

- Removed a large number of randomly generated 'variant' biomes
- Removed the hired unit command options to toggle obedience for command horns













你可以在这里下载这次更新。(百度网盘备份,Minecraft 1.7.10)















你可以在这里下载这次更新。(百度网盘备份,Minecraft 1.7.10)













你可以在这里下载这次更新。(百度网盘备份,Minecraft 1.7.10)



















这里下载这次更新。(百度网盘备份,Minecraft 1.7.10)













你可以在这里下载这次更新。(百度网盘备份,Minecraft 1.7.10)












你可以在这里下载这次更新。(百度网盘备份,Minecraft 1.7.10)



















这里下载这次更新。(百度网盘备份,Minecraft 1.7.10)




+ 增添更新的荷兰语与葡萄牙语(巴西)译本

* 修复在物品栏的合成网格下毒的毒酒可被所有人看见已下毒
* 修复阻止魔多奥克、奥洛格族、食人妖、黑森林精灵在某结盟值以下攻击玩家的错误
* 修复鸟吃莓灌木块
* 修复能把蘑菇公煲放在盘子上
* 修复营生成有时不把固体方块下的草地变成泥土
* 修复一个罕见土匪生成崩溃


+ 增添葡萄牙语(葡萄牙)译本

* 修复从合成网格中用shift点击拿出的毒酒能被所有人看到已下毒
* 修复黑蛮地投斧手当投斧时持近身武器
* 修复艾森加德乌鲁克头领最大生命值比普通的乌鲁克族少


* 修复凿子刻字的照明错误 
* 放宽女战士的生成条件
* 稍微增大游民的生成率
* 减少刚铎的烽火更新所耗时间
* 修复乌图姆诺装备、古冢剑、阿尔诺铠甲、刚多林装备、陶瑞丹金铠甲不可反冶炼
* 修复乌图姆诺匕首在合成中不可淬毒
* 修复刚铎弓不可在多阿姆洛斯工作台上合成
* 修复魔戒mod增添的箱子在有固体方块在上时可打开
* 醉NPC现在有时以醉玩家的举止说话
* 修复一个与贵重物品有关,安装了其他mod时发生的崩溃(不是(Battlegear崩溃)


+ 增添新座狼声音与兔子声音
+ 增添荷兰语译本

* 修复一个由于原版草方块更新行为的主要卡顿来源
* 修复反冶炼炉有时输出错误元数据值的物品
* 修复在游民旧小任务语库中的错误


+ 增添更新的中文、葡萄牙语(巴西)、俄语、德语、西班牙语(墨西哥)、法语(法国)、法语(加拿大)译文

* 恢复解锁自定义路径点为其以前要求
* 修复村生成器在低超平坦世界不工作
* 修复当自定义路径点更新到安全y位置时忽略液体与火


+ 增添新中洲样式主选单(能在配置中禁用)
+ 增添音乐包系统
+ 为更高结盟值增添头衔
+ 增添更多成就取得的头衔
+ 为译者增添头衔与盾
+ 为给小任务屏幕增添头动画
+ 为村增添结构生成器
+ 为奥克与游民营增添结构生成器
+ 增添洛汗的男女
+ 增添洛汗村
+ 增添新洛汗酒馆设计
+ 增添洛汗堡村与改进的堡垒设计
+ 增添洛汗的女战士
+ 增添洛汗农场主与雇农
+ 增添洛汗市场商人
+ 增添洛汗马夫
+ 增添洛汗大门与木梁
+ 增添河角地生物群系
+ 增添北方的杜内丹人
+ 增添杜内丹人村
+ 增添杜内丹人铁匠
+ 增添游民弓
+ 增添可雇佣的骑马的游民
+ 增添不可合成的阿尔诺铠甲
+ 增添古旧的城堡
+ 增添可合成的拆封的河谷邦响炮,能装入自定义物品
+ 为在石、木、金属上刻字增添凿子
+ 增添伊希尔丁与伊希尔丁凿子
+ 增添动态的秘银矿石
+ 增添鸟笼
+ 增添更多鸟类,一些有盗窃性情
+ 增添在稻草人不在时鸟盗窃粮食的行为
+ 增添一些新鸟声音
+ 在蓝色山脉、林顿、埃利阿多增添新路径点
+ 增添葡萄牙语(巴西)译本
+ 增添更新的德语译本
+ 增添配置选项以移除钻石铠甲合成配方

* 改变魔戒方块与物品的编号以修复游戏日志充满“illegal prefix”(非法前缀)垃圾信息
* 快速旅行现在不再被雇佣单位推到而取消
* 被拴住的实体现在快速旅行中跟随
* 自定义路径点在不安全y位置现在当用时更新到安全位置
* 增多解锁自定义路径点需要的成就数
* 修复黑门路径点不解锁
* 褐地现在向西扩展到河套
* 布理地区路径点与道路现在更准确按照书的描述
* 北方的游民派系现在名为北方杜内丹人
* 修复近身攻击计时中的潜在漏洞利用
* 重绘近身攻击计纹理
* 袋子物品栏不再被点击袋子物品打断
* 当在物品栏打开袋子时有不同图标
* 改进交易屏幕以使其更易查看哪些物品能卖
* 启用交易中点击shift把物品放到卖出槽
* 修复交易漏洞利用
* 修复头衔选单的择色盒有时显示为白色
* NPC离开位置够远(128方块),在他们的最大回家范围外将不会试图返回
* 普通的矮人门现在是空白的石头,发光矮人门需要伊希尔丁合成
* 为更大的设计,发光矮人门现在有连接纹理
* 矮人门现在像大门方块一样运转
* 矮人门现在不透光,与石头更好相称
* 矮人门现在更大范围内发光
* 矮人宅现在更好地适应地形
* 矮人现在罕见地生成在矮人生物群系的地面上
* 奥克现在极少生成在铁丘陵
* 杀北方奥克NPC现在给河谷邦结盟值
* 减少NPC给袋子作为小任务奖励的机会
* 洛汗铠甲现在再次用皮革与铁合成
* 游民短袍与护腿现在用皮革与铁合成
* 改变游民铠甲的纹理
* 高脚杯现在能被反冶炼
* 满木桶物品不再堆叠
* 使木桶酿动画更平滑
* 修复NPC有时生成在空气中
* 减少奥洛格族的生产率
* 从南库茹尼尔移除鸟与蝴蝶,增添克拉班
* 克拉班现在生成在范贡森林
* 修复在一些蝴蝶模型上的小纹理故障
* 天鹅现在更直接地向玩家发嘶嘶声
* 怪异吓人的环境音效现在更多生物群系播放
* 增多野莓的生成率
* 蓟、荨麻、刺荆棘不再伤害铠甲
* 如果玩家装备了靴子与护腿,蓟与荨麻不造成伤害
* 改变近哈拉德方块的纹理
* 修复洞穴岩浆比其应生成的高度低
* 为昆迪提与瑙尔提重命名、重绘纹理
* 瑙尔提矿石与方块现在发光
* 更正一些辛达语复合词名
* 为一些远哈拉德的路径点恢复辛达语译文
* 埃瑞博成就现在被计算在河谷邦分类
* 改变刚多林铠甲与装备的纹理
* 改变刚铎与多阿姆洛斯骑枪的纹理
* 改变多样物品纹理
* 玩家现在持上膛的弩进入准备射击姿势
* 改进NPC重生处接口以允许为生成间隔时间选择更大的范围
* 稍微减少地图生物群系生成器的内存用量
* 修复当地图移动时路径点、道路、标签抖动
* 屏幕上指南针在未加载区块不再显示‘夏尔’
* 修复由于乌图姆诺生物群系变体没有被分配所导致的游戏日志错误
* 乌图姆诺入传送门现在更大的距离外渲染
* 乌图姆诺入传送门现在播放怪异吓人的环境音效
* 改进乌图姆诺返传送门的外观
* 修复座狼易受佛洛德地区寒冷的伤害,反过来其他NPC不易受伤害
* 修复合金锻炉与霍比特烤炉不把空的燃料桶弹出到漏斗中
* 修复在酒馆的夏警队长骑小马
* 修复泥土台阶可燃
* 修复裂红砖台阶用苔砖纹理
* 修复不可获得的古尔都尔砖类型当生成时引起崩溃
* 修复黑森林精灵塔生成黑橡木而非绿橡的复中柱
* 修复当小任务应要求绿橡材料时要求黑橡
* 蓝色山脉矮人现在不再给杀蜘蛛小任务
* 修复村生成在恩特河口
* 修复营生成的一些错误
* 修复武器架上一些武器的z轴冲突
* 修复在意大利语译本中的错误
* 现在不匹配维度的包括魔戒连接纹理图标的资源包,生成错误纹理以避免崩溃

- 移除白兰地丘陵与蚊水泽路径点

洛汗村 beta30 封面








公测β32——远征队更新(2017年4月29日) 编辑





公开Beta 32.2

*点击交友聊天消息自动建议适当的/ fmsg命令

*用更多功能/ lotrWaypoints命令替换/ lotrUnlockAllWPs命令
+为/ lotrAchievement remove命令增加了一个'all'选项



公开Beta 32.1




公开Beta 32

* LOTR mod现在需要Minecraft Forge 1558或更高版本


+在Buckland为Haysend和Hay Gate增加了航点
* Gundabad Orcs现在可以在Wilderland再次生产
+增加了进入Rhúdel,Eryn Caran,TolRhúnaer和Emyn Winion的新成就
+在Far Harad中添加了特殊的鸟类

+加了一个nic nic的战斧


*修正了mithril mattock被错误地分配给矮人制作
*通过米歇尔·德文(Michael Delving)修路,走过一条奇怪的路
*修正了一个错误,其中运行LOTR MOD与其他一些mod可能会导致Overworld地形生成错误的块

公测β33——高级锻造更新(2017年7月14日,星期五) 编辑